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Akai mountain has an elevation of 605 meters, it is counted as one of the holy mountains. This place is also surrounded by trees aged more than a hundred.
The temple is said to be opened by Tokuitsu, a scholar-monk of the Hossō sect of Buddhism in Japan. Kobo water found in one of the sacred halls in the temple is said to have a miraculous efficacy in curing eye troubles. Thousands visit to pray each day.
Also, this temple is famous for women who want to pray for safe childbirth.

The miraculous water, “Kubo water” in the sacred hall

An old entrance path to the temple in the middle of a bamboo forest

History of Japanese Ryuto cedar

Once upon a time, a young man in Akai province wanted to marry a girl in his place. He went to Bhaisajyaguru (meaning buddha able to cure all ills) to pray for his wishes. However, this young man was an incarnation of dragon. Bhaisajyaguru, who knew the fact didn’t allow him to marry her. As the last resort, the young man took away the girl and brought her to the Palace of the Dragon King. The girl then became the princess in the palace, but she suffered a lot when she was giving birth to her child. The young man went again to Bhaisajyaguru to beg for help, Bhaisajyaguru was unable to stand his wish longer and offered them a help. The young man, or the dragon, as an expression of his great gratitude, he presented a “ryuto” or dragon light every night to Bhaisajyaguru. The “ryuto” is said to have shined more brightly when it reached this Japanese cedar.