Description of Our Business

Advertising Business

We plan and produce advertisements.

Travel Business

Through tourism, we advise how guests should spend their time and where to visit during their stay at around Hawaiians.

Guide to Local Sightseeing Tour

Tour Concierge.Tour informations on Fukushima Prefecture as well as city of Iwaki area. And also, in order to make memorable trip, we’d plan and suggest the meaningful tour.

Story of Four-Seasons tour

We’d recommend the one-day local sightseeing spot for each season.
Example: visiting fields of flowers, picking the fruits, viewing autumn-leaf, shopping for local products, and tasting local gourmet

Secondary Transportation Arrangement (Bus, rental-car, taxi)

  • Share-ride of sight-seeing shuttle taxi (Aquamarine Park Gou which provides the round- trip between Hawaiians and Aquamarine Park.
  • Chartered Taxi for sight-seeing (hourly based fee and one time ride only) between Hawaiians and requested sightseeing spots
  • Rent-a-Car
  • Chartered Bus (for sightseeing as well as pick-up/drop-off only)

Ticket Sales

  • Discount ticket for Aquamarine Fukushima(Limited to Hawaiians guests)